Contractor General

Contractor General

The Contractor-General Act of 1993 provided for the establishment of the Office of Contractor-General. Under the Revised Edition 2000 of this Act, the procurement-related functions and authority of the Contractor-General include the monitoring of the award and implementation of public contracts to ensure their conformity with procurement-related rules and Laws.

Refer to the Financial and Audit (Reform) Act 2005 (Part IV, Section 18) and the Contractor-General Act, Revised Edition 2000 (Part III, Section 14(1)), for more details on the Contractor-General’s duties and functions

The Contractor General, Mr. Omar Mitchell’s, initial assessment and vision for the Office of the Contractor General as published in his Information Paper dated 25th February, 2020 can be read in the document below.

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Contractor General

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